Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day(s)

I received a text early Monday morning that Olathe had cancelled schools due to the snow. I shut off my alarm, sent a text to daycare that the little boys wouldn't be there and went back to bed! SOOO nice! The boys slept until after 7 (and so did mom). Russ took the day off as well and we just had such a great day.

Reid and Ryan went out to play in the snow around 9:30 a.m. and I made them come in for lunch before noon for about 45 mins and then they went back out. They lasted until almost 2:00. It was a nice day, not too cold and snow still falling. Ross was just fine hanging out inside during the morning but when he saw everyone else going out after lunch he wanted to as well. I bundled him up and took him out for about 20 minutes. At first he just stood by the garage staring but eventually he walked around and played with his little shovel.

This is Reid using his shovel to throw snow at Russ' back. Russ was over at our neighbors house talking after finishing up their sidewalk.

This was the only other picture I got of Reid and it cracks me up. I have no clue what he was doing.
This was the only good picture of Ryan that I got as well. I may have "over-bundled" them up... they both came in sweating :)

I found camouflage long underwear at Wal-Mart in Holton last weekend when I was up there. The boys had on their long underwear, a set of clothes, and then their snow pants and winter coats. When we went in around 2:00 for a nap/quiet time the boys all three stripped down to their long underwear. Ryan came over to me and said "does this tutu make my butt look fat?" I was shocked and started laughing so then he just kept taking it a step further and further... he thought it was quite funny. He had to ask Hockey Ross if his long underwear made his butt look fat too. And as you can see... it did quite the opposite - he's getting just as skinny as Reid is.

Here's Ross in his camouflage long underwear, playing some hockey with dad.

Ryan actually spent about 5 minutes sitting still on the couch playing with this little Etch-a-Sketch. I had to take a couple of pictures. I do NOT exaggerate when I say that this does NOT happen... the kid does not sit still and play with something... ever.

Reid was standing over by Russ' office so I asked him what he was doing and he turned and looked at me without saying a word and I saw. He was pretending to be a guard or Marine by the office door. He is SUCH his daddy's boy.

Ross found a nice little holding spot for his finger today too... we've caught him doing this like 4 times now. He just sticks his finger in there and leaves it for a second or so.

Of course the kids can't be too quiet and calm for long, especially when dad is around. The wrestling was definitely in full swing too. I think I got some pretty neat pictures - this is very typical in our living room.

And one final picture. This is why this kid gets away with so much!! Dark brown eyes (like his dad) and knows he can use them to get away with murder... darn this kid melts my heart...

I loved Monday! We had such a good day. I was hoping for a second snow day and about 8:15 Monday night I got word that Tuesday was a snow day as well. As much as I loved Monday, Tuesday just wasn't as great of a day. Russ didn't feel well, the boys were a bit crazy, and Ross was BUSY! I wouldn't let the boys play outside today because it was so MUCH colder than on Monday. We went to the McDonald's Play Place for an hour or so to meet some friends and try to wear them out. Unfortunately, I was the one that got worn out - they fought a LOT and got in trouble. When we got home I sent them immediately to their beds and they went without talking back, they knew they deserved it. After about 30 minutes on their bed they regrouped and we spent some time watching a movie and playing toys. Later in the afternoon we went to the gym so they could play some more (and I could get my run in, even if it was on the treadmill). Ross was CRAZY BUSY this evening and I am EXHAUSTED so it's time to sign off and get to bed!

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