Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday Weigh In

We started our Weigh In challenge at work today. We did this last year for a solid seven months. This year we are paying $2 each Wednesday and the person that loses the highest percentage of weight each week takes the pot. There are five of us currently but it's a nice $8 we could win each week. It keeps me motivated, plus I just like the competition.

I was down over 2 pounds from this Monday so this week is going to be TOUGH. Everyone else waited until today to start but I was ready to get going. I gained a TON of weight over Christmas. We ate out nonstop and my exercising basically dropped off. I'm back to watching what I eat and working out now!

I created mini-rewards for myself for each 3 pounds lost. When I get to 172 I get to purchase 5 new songs for my iPod. I'm actually excited for that! (At 169 I'm going to get a pedicure.)

Last year I took a picture of myself each week at weigh in so I could see if I could notice any differences. So, I'm doing the same today. I purposefully chose this shirt that I really like but it's too tight. I figure I'll wear it each Wednesday (I'll probably get really sick of it) and then I'll see if it fits better as we go along.

So, I know this is a family blog but it's MINE so I can talk about whatever I want. I promise to only post about my weight on Wednesday's and I hope you enjoy the ride....

(I hope I can lose weight in my stomach quickly - ugh)!

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