Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Other fun with Aunt Courtney

First of all, this picture is leftover from Thanksgiving but Courtney just shared it with me and I had to post it. This is our house on almost any given day. There is no question we have a TOTAL BOY house!

Here's a series of pictures of spending time with Aunt Courtney on the days that she was here over Christmas break...

Ryan playing dishes (his all time favorite thing to play with). The new black pots and pans set was his gift from Aunt Courtney - and he absolutely LOVES them...
Ross playing with an Iron Man that talks when you push his chest. And he has figured out how to make him talk over... and over... and over

Ryan making seasoned crackers for Christmas Eve at grandpa and grandma's house. Courtney was supposed to make them but Ryan had to pick up the slack.
Dumping in the ranch seasoning packet...

Reid stayed with Courtney one day that I had to work and he took her out to lunch and paid all by himself. Of course he chose CiCi's pizza :)

Post Christmas: Ryan in his "how to train your dragon" set that he received for Christmas from baby Ross (came with a toy ax just like he asked for)

After Christmas Russ went out to Arizona to watch the Missouri Tigers in their bowl game and Courtney and I got to spend some time hanging out with the boys. We took them out to dinner at Fritz's one night. They had a ton of fun and were really good.

Here are some of the pictures from that night:

Ross eats everything in sight! However, he does NOT like ice cream...

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