Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Christmas (es)

How was our Christmas? In one word... Fabulous! I truly loved each moment and really focused my energy on just watching the boys enjoy themselves. This was a great age for the boys. Reid took everything very seriously this year. Ryan was especially thrilled with Santa Claus and all the Christmas rituals this year. Ross was fun and really got the hang of opening presents by the second or third opening.

On Christmas Eve, we went to Holton and had our annual Christmas Eve celebration at Grandpa & Grandma Sharp's house. The cousins all exchange gifts and the boys got some really great gifts from their cousins. They also got a neat UDraw accessory for our Wii along with some additional games from their grandpa and grandma. I think if they didn't know about Christmas morning they would have been completely happy with only what they got this night. (And on top of that, the boys found out that they get to go to the cabins over the summer again next year!!)

Christmas Eve night we drove home to get our house Santa ready and track his travels on the internet. We started this tradition four years ago so the boys could spend Christmas morning at their own house and I'm so glad that we did! Reid was VERY excited and had so much trouble getting to sleep. He got up many times to check where Santa was, tell us he couldn't sleep, etc. I think the last time he came downstairs it was almost midnight. Santa was in the central time zone and getting close to our house. Daddy had to get a little serious with Reid and tell him that he better not get out of bed one more time. He eventually went to sleep and so did Russ and I. Reid got up at 5 am but I made him get in our bed until Ryan got up at 7. He did fall back asleep and didn't question going downstairs. Once Ryan got up and we woke up Ross we all went down the stairs and found the note that Santa had left by the empty plate of cookies and glass of milk. Reid read us the note and then we went downstairs to see what Santa had left.
The boys got a TON of great things and really enjoyed all of their presents ALL day long. We actually never made the boys get out of their pajamas and all three just played and played.
My favorite story from Christmas morning was about the Pillow Pets. As the boys went downstairs Ryan ran immediately to the pile of presents from Santa that were left for Reid. There was a dog pillow pet. I showed the other pile to Ryan and suggested that those were his toys. He said no because he wanted a dog pillow pet and with Ryan's toys was an (off-brand) bear pillow pet. Reid said, "I wanted a pillow pet but as long as it wasn't a unicorn, I didn't care which one." He gave his to Ryan and they both went on checking out their toys. Not another word was mentioned and both boys were happy. (proudest mom moment - still makes me so happy)
The morning after Christmas we loaded up the van (not quite as bright and early as we had intended to, we overslept after such a long day and short sleep from Christmas Eve) and drove to Grandpa Steve & Grandma Linda's. It was such a surprise that they had almost three inches of snow. We had a Christmas meal and then exchanged Christmas presents with them and Uncle Scott and his girlfriend. Reid was most excited for a Halo lego set that he actually started putting together himself (very impressed). Ryan got a really neat nail gun that he is still loving to play with (when he can keep it away from Ross). Ross was down for a much needed nap during the boys' opening time but really enjoyed opening his when he woke up later.
After we had opened presents and played with them for a while the boys and I went out to play in the snow while dad went to watch a movie with his brother. The boys did great! Ryan lasted for almost two hours and Reid and I lasted for a bit longer than two hours. Sledding is very fun when you have a 4 wheeler and a mom that is willing to make the trek up the hill to get the 4 wheeler and come down to give you a ride up the hill. If I wasn't doing that than I was carrying Ryan up the hill. I definitely got my work out in that day!!! BUT I had the time of my life. This might be THE favorite moment of my holiday season this year.
On the 27th we headed back to Kansas City so dad could catch a plane to Arizona to watch the Tigers and we continued the fun of our Winter Break in OP with Aunt Courtney (more on that next post).

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