Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some updates and good pictures

Last night Russ took Reid to hockey practice and I had the little two at home with me. Dinner needed to cook for an hour and the little boys don't have much patience. I told Ryan that he could pick out what he wanted for dinner but it had to be healthy. This is what he came up with (and the order he ate them in):

* water
* jello
* fruit cup
* cheese crackers with peanut butter
* green beans (I think he ate one)
* peas (I think he had like one spoonful)

And, OF COURSE, he wanted it all in his lunch pail. We've been playing "school lunches" a lot lately and he really likes it.

I thought Ross looked so cute yesterday in a shirt that we got from a friend so I wanted a picture in the morning. He was not having a great morning so he was not having it:

When we got home from daycare he was much more cooperative:

Isn't he getting to be such a big boy? Here are some pictures from the last three days. Notice any similarities? He is ALWAYS carrying around either one of his hockey sticks or this toy rubber axe that he actually got for Ryan for Christmas. He likes to whack people with the axe and he carries his stick everywhere finding balls all over and hits them. He LOVES hockey sticks.

Not sure if he was carrying anything here but I thought it was a cute picture...

And a belated thank you... but THANK YOU Grandma Cella for the blankets and pillows that you made for the boys! They really liked them and they love getting packages in the mail.

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